Android Apps

Mautibla has been developing Android apps since the beggining of Android. We have released over 15+ apps both as publishers and for our clients. You can find our games on the Google Play store.

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Web Development

The web is where we grew up as developers, and we love to write web apps with a strong focus on usability and user experience. We also like to keep up with the latest technologies and apply them into our projects. Our wepons of choice are GWT, Jboss and Amazon EC2.

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Mobile Development

We started off focusing entirely on the Android platform but have later on expanded to provide iOS and Windows Phone development services.

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Five Balls is a very fun and easy game to play. Try to make it to the top-10 ! This is the classic board game where you have to line 5 or more balls of the same color to score points. This game features a cool visual design and global scores, along with sound and many animations.


Jewels 2 is a classic board game of gems. It is a fun and addicting game to play by yourself or competing against your friends. This app features several game modes, Facebook integration for its built-in global Scoreboard. It also features a fast paced game play with no ads while playing.



Mautibla is a small start-up company that focuses on the web and mobile platforms. We are a small team with a passion for building apps whether it is for a smartphone, tablet, TV or a web browser.

We started on the mobile sphere way back with J2ME but when Android came out, we were among the first ones to start developing for the platform. We know how to build apps the Android way! So far we have released 15+ apps into the Google Play store for our clients and ourselves, including our 2 small games:

  • FiveBalls
  • Jewels 2

Recently we have expanded to develop for other platforms like iOS and Windows Phone. We now offer services of iOS to Android app porting as well as native iOS and Windows Phone development. We also consider that multiplataform solutions for the mobile industry often result in poor user experience apps, that's why we only do native apps for mobile devices.

As much as we love to build apps for mobile devices, we can't forget about the web, that's where we grew app!

We like to stay on top with the latest tendencies and technologies building up around the internet. We strongly believe on cloud based services and that's why we deploy our work to Amazon Elastic Cloud and Google AppSpot networks.


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